About Us

SURGO was born out of a need to rise out of conventional business practices into a streamlined, ease-of-use, simplistic approach to business.

SURGO is simplified recruitment, training and development, job hunting, career guidance, consulting and outsourcing. We are committed to a customer centric approach and we are obsessed with simplifying the outsourcing process.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about being the difference.

The word SURGO, in Latin, means: rise, get up, arise, raise, lift up and grow.

SURGO holds a deep meaning for us as it embodies the way we feel about the working world, it embraces our ethos of assisting individuals in attaining their dreams and reaching a higher potential.

Our clients are all selected very carefully, to ensure that we provide our applicants with the very best opportunities at the very best clients in the industry.  Our clients offer above market related salaries, awesome working environments, stability, growth and great benefits.  Clients are thoroughly vetted to ensure that our applicants are placed and placed for good.

What We Do

Business Solutions

Skilled employees are the most valuable resource in a business and developing strategic partnerships and solutions around them is very important.

Access to quality candidates

Provide a stable source of quality qualified candidates, in a timely manner, significantly speeding up the hiring process allowing the client to prioritise other key strategic areas of the business.

Share market knowledge

Provide clients with current industry feedback on key market trends, including skill supply and demand as well as market rates, empowering clients to develop more informed business strategy around human capital.

Provide access to key in-demand skills

With talent shortages potentially restricting business growth, its important businesses have access to skills required as fast as possible.



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