Let’s talk Work-from-Home Employee Burnout

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Let’s first clarify what ‘Employee Burnout’ means: Burnout was defined as a ‘’syndrome’’, by the World Health Organization (WHO) – a syndrome derived from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.’’ (WHO, 2022). It differs from mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, stress, or any other, however, these emotional imbalances can often result from burnout.

Work-from-home burnout is a common challenge faced by many people who are working remotely.

Surgo offers employees, a full work-from-home solution, taking pride in a ‘people first’ approach. To mitigate employee burnout and foster resiliency in the workplace, Surgo has a key focus on employee wellness and engagement that has become core to the brand’s identity.

The Surgo Wellness Club is an optional wellness group for any employee to join, with many options to best achieve their wellness goals. The Wellness Club offers employees life skills on how to better their well-being (mental and physical) through the facilitation of activities such as self-introspection, daily exercise routines (yoga and breathwork), and hikes just to mention a few.

Surgo has different wellness themes running monthly, for instance, the theme of ‘’#BECONNECTED’’, focuses on employees’ social well-being and how they integrate within the community. With Meraki and Yoga, a Self-Development Initiative offering a more holistic approach to wellness. This can help to deepen the connection and enhance team dynamic. It provides a safe platform for employees to engage, share and connect with each other while learning and developing through the art of yoga, breathwork, and wellness.

The Weekly Unplug Challenge encouraged employees to disconnect from technology and the digital world for a set amount of time each week, typically for a few hours or a full day. The challenge is aimed to promote mindfulness, reduce stress, improve mental health, and increase productivity by unplugging from the constant distraction of digital devices. During the designated unplugged time, Surgo employees were engaging in activities such as reading, spending time outdoors, practicing mindfulness or meditation, or spending time with co-workers. This initiative had increased productivity and limited employee distraction, allowing your employees to focus on the client’s success.

Surgo surpassed its target of 2 000 000 steps and in total walked an amazing 3 524 383 steps. In the end, the brand raised R40 000 and donated a portion of the funds to Little Brinks, which provides foster care for abused and abandoned children. The work they do is selfless and encompasses Surgo’s values of Ubuntu and Kaizen. By helping them, the business made a difference in the lives of the youth and future leaders.

It is important to prioritize self-care, establish healthy boundaries, and seek support from managers or co-workers if necessary. By taking steps to address burnout, you can create a culture of wellness and empowerment that benefits not only employees but the business’s bottom line.

“The success of your business lies in the emotional well-being and commitment of your employees to the brand and your clients” Rudé Alley, Managing Director at Surgo.


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